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Savita and Anil Bagai

(Owners, Anil and Savita Bagai)


    We opened our first home on Mercer Island in 1992.  Both Savita and I grew up in large extended families along with our grandparents.  In fact Savita played in her great grandma's lap throughout her early childhood.  She naturally enjoys the company of elders.


    We came to America from India and settled in Seattle in 1989.  I am an engineer by education and have a master's degree in management.  I started as a grocery clerk at Safeway until I was offered a position as an  agent at Prudential Insurance Company of America.


    Savita began working in childcare and taking care of our elderly neighbor Pauline.  When Pauline became too frail, her son asked Savita, if we would take her in with us.  We had never thought of caring for elders as a business and we declined.  But this planted a seed in our minds as we realized this could really become a very satisfying experience.  We started our first home in September of '92.  Pauline is our oldest and eldest resident.  She passed away year before at 103,    she continues to be a blessing in our lives............



Our Commitment Is


Three Homes on Mercer Island, Washington

(Mercer Island is a beautiful island suburb in the heart of metropolitan Seattle)

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